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Social Media Optimization (SMO) Tutorial in Urdu


Users, Social Media Optimization (SMO) is very popular on this time, users you have seen different social networks different products/banner/ads display on your timeline and post name below display Sponsored. Basically Biggest Companies or Little companies who has paid with social networks after that social networks display with companies Banner/Post /Ads with interested peoples. For example, I have interested in Web Development mean technology field and my Facebook, Google, Twitter and other networks my complete details available.

If any technology companies display personal Products/Ads/Post/Banner with interested in Technology Field, the company will pay with social networks after that social networks display ads with Interested Technology Fields. But we will display our websites or company Products/Ads/Banner with targeted Peoples without charges that are Called SMO (Social Media Optimization). Basically My Topic like Technology FB Page and My FB Page Interested Peoples Thousands. I have shared a post with personal FB page timeline, my post does not reach with all interested peoples who has joined my FB Page Why? Simple Answer I Have Does Not Optimized my Post.


How to Do Social Media Optimization?

I have understood with you about Facebook Social Networks How to Increase Post/Products/Ads reach with interested peoples on your FB Page. First of all, you have an FB Page after that you will complete an FB Page requirement like FB Cover Page, FB Page Logo, Name, Description, Mobile, Email etc. After that complete your page All Details You Page Ready. If you want to share a post on Personal FB Page Timeline.

First of All, You Type a Minimum 5-10 lines (100 Words), after that, you will include on below article hash sign and main related post keyword like (#Stored Procedure). After That, You Will Interest an Image on Your Post and Insert a Post Link and Share Now, after following this instruction I hope you post reach increased that’s my experience.

Users you have seen FB timeline different post which is type an article minimum 100 words after that these post displayed on interested peoples but FB allow with three line display on your FB timeline after increase lines display option SEE MORE, after that interested peoples click SEEO MORE Option and read a post article and your post was engaged, that is benefit of article on your post. Second hash sign benefits are any other post admin include hash sign and include keyword with hash sign any others users click on hash sign keyword after that our post display on searching Facebook timeline.

There are simply technics for Optimization Your Post on Facebook, I have understood with you on Optimization Facebook Post, you will use these technics on different social networks. I hope you will follow my instruction after that you get more benefits on these technics. I hope you have understood as well if you have any problem to understand it, I have made a video tutorial on this topic you will watch on  my video tutorial, I hope my video tutorial most helpful for you.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) in Urdu

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