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How to Speed up Torrent Downloads Tutorial


In this Tutorial, You will learn How to Speed up Torrent Downloads. Basically more than people using torrent download movies, Software, games etc. You will wait a couple of hours or days to download any movie or game. Basically, torrent downloading speed so slowly, the default torrent settings don’t perfect to download movie or game quickly.

But, after the install Utorrent or Bit torrent, you can set up to own setting as you like. In this tutorial, you will learn How to perfect setup torrent setting to increase downloading. More than people using default torrent setting, and they are don’t do to perfect setup torrent setting.

Speed up Torrent Downloads

However, I’m Bit Torrent application software to download Software from a torrent website. Recently I configured the torrent setting, then my torrent downloading speed automatically increase. So, I will tell you how I can do it?

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That’s very simple process to configure the torrent setting if you are using U torrent or Bit Torrent, these are working the same way. But, you need to configure the setting in torrent main settings. Basically, I’m using Bit Torrent so I will tell you Bit Torrent.

How to Increase BitTorrent Download Speed  

First of All, you need to download and Install Bit Torrent or U Torrent. After Install Bittorrent or Utorrent Options>Preferences then you jumped another page. Then you need to select First Option Namely General, then right side displayed text “Check Association on startup” uncheck it.

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After that go to Connection Tab, you can see “Port used for incoming connections” input box default values. You need to change the values pick any one as you like (53906, 11136, 45682, 15987, and 18368).

After that go to Bandwidth Tab, you can see Maximum upload rate (kB/s) default value show 0. You need to change the value enter new value 30. After that below display three input boxes with different values. You need to change all input values such as “500,100,8”. These values you will change one by one.

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Then go to BitTorrent tab, below you can show Outgoing Drop Down menu, select it and use “Forced”. Then go to Queuing tab, you can show five input boxes below two boxes values are 0. You need to change above three input boxes values are 6, 4, 320 don’t change below two input boxes values.

After complete above procedure, you need to click Advance plus sign and Select Disk Cache. You can see two unchecked options, but all options are checked. You need to uncheck “Write out untouched block”, “Write out finished pieces immediately”, “Turn off read caching if the upload speed is slow” and finally “Remove old blocks from the cache”.

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After that you need to Click “Advanced” tab only, you can show many options. you need to search words and change values.

BT.ALLOW_SAME_IP                                      TRUE
BT.CONNECT_SPEED                                      28
GUI.SHOW_NOTORRENTS_NODE                    False
GUI.UPDATE_RATE                                        2000
NET.MAX_HALFOPEN                                      500
NET.OUTGOING_PORT                                    50
OFFERS.404_CODE                                        4
RSS.UPDATE_INTERVAL                                 20

These are the best setting to speed up torrent downloads, you need to restart Bittorrent or Utorrent. After that download any movie, game, and software with the help of Torrent, your torrent downloading speed automatically increased.

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However, I have made a video tutorial on this topic, Video is helpful and beneficial for you. After watch complete video you will get more ideas. Below I have shared the video on this topic If you like it kindly share with personal friends.

How to Speed up Torrent Downloads Tutorial

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