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How to Speed Up WordPress Site Video Tutorial.


Today I have shared How to Speed up WordPress Site? I think everyone used WordPress Site, and I think everyone working on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for increase traffic and page rank, but do you have any knowledge about How to Speed up WordPress Site? That’s very important SEO factor on your WordPress Site. I have checked different websites speed with the help of GMetrix Online Tool, and I have compared my website Learn2Free with another Only Two Websites, they two websites running on the web as well, and who have updated a websites weekly or monthly basis, but, these two website page loading or website speed is low versus my website learn2free, who does not check with personal website speed.

However, I have shared simple technics for speed up WordPress site. I have already used these technics on my website and, I have the display campers report on my websites live with another two websites. If you  used WordPress site and your site speed decrease, follow on my technics after that, your WordPress Site speed increased as well.


How to Speed Up WordPress Site?

Basically, I have recommended Six Main Points for speed up your website as well, and these six technics samples and you can easily do it. Below, I have included Six Points and Details.

Choose Best Web Hosting.

You must buy reliable web hosting and check server time. Basically, Server time is very important for our website if you buy a web hosting for the personal website, you must be check server time 99.99% percent. Basically, Server time 99.99% means your website running on the web as properly, does not stop on the web. So, Must be check server time after that you bought a Hosting OK.

Choose WordPress Theme

I have seen different bloggers used Free WP themes, and most  WP themes SEO friendly and reliable, but I have  seen different WP themes very loaded, and who has does not working as well. So, I recommended to you, buy a premium WP themes, premium themes reliable and SEO friendly, they are working as well, and if you bought a premium theme, theme author provides online support.

Use WP Super Cache Plugin.

Basically, different cache plugins working as well for increasing your website speed and save your page loading time, but, I recommended with your WP Super Cache, this plugin working as well and you must be tick marked carefully for important setting on WP Super Cache Plugins. I have already made tutorials about WP Top Plugins.

Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Content Delivery Network means to deliver your content, you must be integer site with CloudFlare (CDN), they provided free and paid service, you can select free services and integer personal website, Basically, I have already made the tutorial about Cloud Flare(CDN), I recommended watch first it after integer your website, follow on this article, but first is CDN.

WP Smush WP Plugin.

Smush Plugin is working reduce your website images, but you must be Install and active it, after that run one time only, WP Smush it gives sometimes for reducing already used images on your website. After that, you have uploaded any image after complete your uploading WP Smush is automatically reduced your image as well.

Clean and Optimization Your Home Page.

I have included above about different plugins and CDN (Content Delivery Network), but this is the main portion of increase your website speed and save your website loading time. Basically, I have included below list for clean and optimization your Home Page.

  1. Post /Article Must Be Display Maximum (08).
  2. Remove non-useable Widget on Home Page.
  3. Remove Non-useable or inactive plugins.
  4. Install and Run P3 WP Plugin for Check Your Plugin Status.

These all Technics about speed up WordPress site, Basically I have above already told you about these Technic I have already used, after that I have shared with you, if you want to increase my website speed, followed these Technics, my guarantee your website speed up. Below, I have made a video tutorial on this topic, watch and get more ideas about this topic.

How to Speed Up WordPress Site Tutorial in Urdu

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