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Top Keyword Research Tools for SEO 2016


Keywords are main parts of SEO, Keywords main role is Optimization Your Website on Page and Quality Content. Basically, Different investment companies invest thousands of dollars for pay for targeted keyword research and get targeted traffic/content.  Advertiser’s investment a money on targeted Keyword.  The Keywords you have selected for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for got targeted traffic on your website.  Users, I have shared with you top keyword research tools and many details on each tool. It is very important to understand Keywords Research tools for your better website traffic and more benefits. I have previously shared Top SEO Tools on my video tutorial, I recommended, you must be watch. 

Top Keyword Research Tools


I hope you have understood very well on Keywords and its importance. There are different tools available in the market, there are many Keyword Research Tools paid and few free tools available on the web like Google Keyword Planner, and you can use it free of cost. If you want work on the web advance basis, I would be recommended to you advanced tools on listed below. They are paid but some you will use for trail base for few days.  



SEMrush it is paid keyword research tools but you will try it on trial base, after that you have like it and understood it, simple upgrade now.  You can easily use it, you will insert your competitor URL after search SEMrush is displayed with short-tail and long-tail keyword sites and Page Ranking, traffic stats, SE(Search Engine) Repot and others details that you will need on your Search Engine Optimization.

Google  Keyword Planner Tool


Google Keyword Planner tools, it is best keyword research tools, it is mostly used and free tool, this tools introduced by Google, you will easily research keyword and Google Keyword Planner tool display with your correct data like Perfect Keyword, Competition, Monthly Average  and Suggested bid. If you want to use this tools you must be require one Gmail Account after that you will use it free of cost.

Long Tail Pro


Long Tail Pro is a Desktop Application Software it is paid keyword research tools but you will use it trial base on few days, after that you like it you can simply buy it after using its lifetime. Basically, you will insert a short-term keyword and search after that Long Tail Pro display for you Long Tail Keyword and websites, after that you will easily choose keyword as you require.

Keyword Spy


Keyword Spy which is used for Search Engine Optimization tool, it is another best keyword research tools, but they mostly used for Keyword Research, you can use it trial base and if you want to use on the professional way to pay now. They are provided different professional packages, just you will select and buy it after bought  any professional package you will get more ideas and benefits on this tool.  

Market Samurai


Market Samurai is a Desktop Application Software which is used to research keywords, it is best keyword research tools, you can use this tool on trial base, Market Sumurai is different ways like Keyword Research, Domain Research, Monetization, Content Finding, Content Publishing etc. They are futures in this tool, this tool one-time pricing after that you will use this tool lifetime.

WebText Tool

WebText Tool, you can use Webtexttool free of cost, but you can research keywords on limited. Webtexttool is very helpful research keyword and you can check your article optimization score.  You can use more service free of cost, but limited, if you want to use unlimited service you can purchase pro package. Then you can use unlimited research keywords and another service as well.

Above All  about keyword research tools information I have shared with you, basically, I have shared with a different post on SEO bases. So, I have shared another SEO most important knowledge about Keyword Research Tool. Now these are the main part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I hope you have understood as well, If you like this post to share with personal friends, subscribe your email and follow on my website social network pages like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for post updates. If you have any question /suggestion about this post to comment me or email after received your message I have replied your answer about 24 Hours.

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