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Top 15 WordPress Plugins Must Have to Install


Basically WordPress Plugins very important for your WP site. Users, First of All, you have installed a site in WordPress after that you have required a WordPress Plugins for manage your website. WordPress Plugins Which is used for WordPress site only, It easily Install and manage. So, I have shared top 15 WordPress Plugins you have must install it after that your site working as well on the web.  Furthermore, I have made a Complete Video Tutorial in this topic, I have the tech with you step by step I hope after watched my video tutorial you have understood as well.

However, I have shared these 15 Most Popular WordPress which easily use and get more benefit in these WordPress Plugins, basically, there are different WordPress Plugins different work on your website, I have already used these Plugins, So I have shared with you. I hope you follow on my video tutorial.


Top 15 WordPress Plugins


Akismet is must be install in your website, which is used to control your spamming comment in your website and  your website safe for spamming comment, it is easily used. After Install and Active Akismet  you will be required Akismet Registration key you have to get Akismet Key and verify it free of cost.

All in One SEO / Yoast

Basically All in One SEO is very important in your websites, which is search engine optimization in your site with the help of All in One SEO, first of you have install it and include personal website like Title, Description and another setting after active All in SEO plugin you will publish a post you will set a post setting like index or no index in Search Engine, Basically  you will publish an offer on your website which  never impotent for your website so you can simply select no-index after that Google Robots never crawl this post and most benefits All in One SEO. Yoast Is working same but Yoast Setting is very difficult, but Yoast is best and powerful versus all in SEO.

iTheme Security.

iTheme Security which is used to control you website complete security and safe your website hacker attacks, It is easily Install and manage, you should be Install it and save your websites for hacker attacks. They different option iTheme Security control in your website.

Cheap Secure

Cheap Secure which is used to Block IP’s any hacker or any other user try to log in your website after that Cheap Security block IP which is allow three times you will Enter User Name and Password in WP Login System if you will type the wrong password and users name Cheap Secure Block you IP.

Login Lock Down

Login Lock Down which is used to hide your website Login Panel Url like you have entered a website in personal WP site you have type www.yoursite.com/wp-admin after your site address you change a name as you want to set. After that, your website secures with login attempt.

WP Total Cache

WP Total Cache which is very important for you website  speed, which is used to increase your site speed and quickly display your complete website your visitors, search engine optimization main point is fast open your website. If you have visited any website which does not open quickly you have closed on this website on the time, that is the main point for you, So You have required to WP Total Cache to speed your website.

WP Smush It

Wp Smush it which is used to compressed your website images and display result same, but WP Smush automatically decrease images capacity and your website save a capacity, first all you have one time run it after that Smush it automatically worked.

Backup WP

Backup wp which is used to save your complete WordPress Site Backup in your personal computer, it is very important for your website. You must create a backup your website daily basis or weekly basis, after that your website face any problem on the web  or hacked you will simply restore a backup in the personal website after that you site running as well on the web.


Shareaholic which is used for sharing your post in social media networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and much more social networks included in this WordPress Plugin. You have installed it and set it. Which is easily manage.

Disqus Comment System

Disqus  Comment System which is used for your websites visitors asks question / suggestion with your blog or your post you will easily reply via Disqus Comment System you reply message quickly published and email with your users.

Contact Form7

Users, Contact Form is used for contact with admin via the contact form, you are set a form and receive a Data with you require after that Any Users contact you via the contact form and send the personal message via contact via which do not publish a website, Contact Form message receive in your email address.

Table Press

Table Press which used in your website single post or pages, you can insert a table post / page and design now via Table Press, after that your post or page looking so beautiful, It is easily inserted and designing.


JetPack which is provided you different services like your site activities, automatically your post publish in social networks and much more options available Jetpack, you simply install and active now after that you use any services as you like.

Google XML Sitemap

Google XML Sitemap it is very important, which is used to create your complete sitemap and submit with Google Webmaster Tools after that you have published a post in personal website, who post automatically submitted in Search Engine.


P3 which is used to check your Install WordPress Plugin Performace and generate the report with one by one WordPress Plugin after that you will check it any WordPress plugin error after that you will easily de-active WordPress plugin.

There are all of WordPress Plugins which is complete details I hope you like it and understood as well, Furthermore I have made a video tutorial in this topic you watch on my video tutorial and get more ideas.

WordPress Plugins Tutorial in Urdu

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