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How to Upgrade AdSense Hosted Account to Non-Hosted


Today We Will Learn Upgrade AdSense Hosted Account to Non-Hosted. There are Two Types of AdSense Account, First is Non-Hosted Account and second are Hosted Account. Hosted AdSense Account you will get easily with the help of YouTube, but Non-Hosted AdSense Account doesn’t get easily.

AdSense Hosted Account Only use On YouTube Channel, you doesn’t use with Website like (www.abc.com). If you want to use AdSense Ads on Your Website, you must be will get AdSense Normal or Non-Hosted Account or Normal Account.


If you want to get Non-AdSense Account or Normal AdSense, you should be getting good Traffic from Search Engines, No Any Copyright Material, Website Design Looking Professional etc. Then you will submit a request to get AdSense Normal Account for Website. After that AdSense team Review your Website and sent email Your Application Approved or Not-Approved.

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AdSense Convert Hosted Account to Normal Account

If you have Website and Hosted AdSense Account, you will submit an Application for Upgrade Hosted AdSense to Normal Account. Basically, these procedures are very easy. But, your website gets good traffic, no copyright material etc. Then you will send an Application for upgrade AdSense Hosted Account to Normal Account.

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After Submit Your Application, AdSense team review your website. Then they are sent an Email on your Email Account, your Application has been approved or Not. Don’t worry your AdSense Hosted Account Available doesn’t disable.

If you submit an Application for Upgrade Normal Account, then you don’t approve. Then you should be designed professional on your website, remove copyright material after that, you will submit again Application for Upgrade AdSense Hosted Account to Normal Account.

Apply For AdSense Non-Hosted Account:

  • Your Blog/Website must have Contain, Beautiful Theme Easy to Understand User.
  • You must be Include pages such as (Privacy Policy, About, Contact) and also you make another Page namely (Disclaimer).
  • Your Website Open Quickly, I mean Your Website Load with Speed.

Methods to Apply For Non-Hosted Account:

First of All Go to AdSense Sign in>My Ads>Other Products. Then you will see “I Will Show ads On” Input Box. Enter Your Website as you want to Display on AdSense Ads. After That Click to Submit Button, then go to My Ads>Ad Unit>New Ad Unit>. Then you will see different ads size, but you should be select Responsive Ad. Responsive Ad Automatically Selected, Go to Click Save and get Code Button. After That Copy, the AdSense Ad Code, paste on your website as you entered on above fields.

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After Complete above procedure, you will a couple of like 3-5 Days. Than AdSense Team reviews your website, after that they sent an email your Website Approved or Not that it. Furthermore, I have made a video tutorial on this topic. If you face any problem to do, kindly watch my video tutorial. Then you will understand as well.

AdSense Hosted Account to Non-Hosted

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