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How to Make and Upload Torrent File Tutorial in Urdu


Today We Will Learn How to make and upload Torrent File, you have downloaded different games, software’s or movies from a torrent website. If you want to download any high capacity games, software or movies, you must be used torrent to download the high capacity file. I also using torrent to download high capacity software or movies.

But, if you want to share high capacity file on the web, you should use torrent. That’s simple process to make a torrent file and upload the file with the torrent website. Then any users easily download your high capacity file. If you want to use torrent, you will easily share GBs files, but you have good knowledge to make high-quality torrent file.


However, I think more than users only use torrent to download any software, game or movies from a torrent website. But they are don’t use to share any content using torrent. So, we will learn how to make a Torrent File and upload torrent file.

Furthermore, If you have Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Account. You will share file limited, you don’t share the high capacity file using any Email Account. But, if you want to share an unlimited file, you can use torrent and share any file easily.

What is Torrent and How Does Work It?

A Torrent is a small file or peer to peer file share system, which comprises material about the tracker and anywhere the file is located. If you want to download a torrent file, you need torrent software such as uTorrent, Bit Torrent etc.  There are many torrent websites allow to upload a file, but you must be used the torrent file.  The Torrent works on peer to peer file sharing protocol.

Seeders are helped to uploading the factor of the file after downloading it.  If your torrent file download more than peoples/users.  The more seeders a torrent will have and your file listed in the torrent homepage.

Leechers means those persons, they just download any file from the torrent website.  And they remove the file from a torrent application, and they don’t upload seeds from a torrent file.

However, that’s simple knowledge about torrent and working procedure. But, today we will learn How to make and Upload Torrent File. First of All should be download and Install Torrent Application on your Computer.  If you have already download uTorrent or Bit Torrent, then you will make a torrent file as well.

Furthermore, I have made a video tutorial about How to Make and Upload torrent File. You can watch below video tutorial then you are able to make and upload the torrent file as Well. I hope video tutorial is helpful and beneficial for everyone.


Make and Upload Torrent File Tutorial

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