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How to Use Views in SQL Server Tutorial


Today I’m going to show you How You Can Use Views in SQL Server Tutorial for Beginners. A view is a practical table that is made up of particular columns from one or additional tables. The tables from which the view is made are mentioned to as base tables. These base tables can be from changed databases.

A view can also contain columns from other views made in the same or a changed database.  A view can have a maximum of 1024 columns. The data private the view comes from the corrupt tables that are referenced in the view meaning.

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The rows and columns of views are made animatedly when the view is referenced. A view is created using the CREATE VIEW statement and it can be made only in the present database.  A user can create a view using columns from tables or other views only. If the user has the authorization to access these tables and views.

How to Use Views in SQL Server Tutorial

SQL Server verifies the existence of objects that are referenced in the view definition. The syntax used to create a view is as follows:


Following code snippet creates a view from the Product table to display only the product id, product number, name, and safety stock level of products.

The code in the following code snippet is used to display the details of the vwProductInfo view.

The result will show the specified columns of all the products from the Product table.

Views in SQL Server Using Join

The JOIN keyword can also be used to create views.  The CREATE VIEW declaration is used along with the JOIN keyword to create a view using columns from several tables. The syntax used to create a view with the JOIN keyword is as follows:

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  • view_name: specifies the name of the view.
  • table_name1: specifies the name of the first table.
  • JOIN: specifies that two tables are joined using JOIN keyword.
  • table_name2: specifies the name of the second table.

Following code snippet creates a view named vwPersonDetails with specific columns from the Person and Employee tables. The JOIN and ON keywords join the two tables based on BusinessEntityID column.

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This view will contain the columns Title, FirstName, MiddleName, and LastName from the Person table and JobTitle from the Employee table. As shown in the figure, all the rows may not have values for the Title or MiddleName columns – some may have NULL in them.

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A person seeing this output may not be able to comprehend the meaning of the NULL values. The following code snippet replaces all the NULL values in the output with a null string using the COALESCE() function.

Above all Views in SQL Server, you can use them for a different purpose. These are very helpful to you. You should try them after that you will able to run any task using commands as well.

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