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How to Make Windows Store Apps Tutorial in Urdu


Today I have shared you How to Make Windows Store Apps Tutorial, There are two type of Applications Desktop Applications and Web Applications, Desktop Application which is use only your personal computer doesn’t use another computer or PC. Web Application use around the world, you can use everyone computer as well. That’s simple knowledge about Applications.

So, Today You can learn How to Make Windows Apps, but you have good knowledge C sharp Programming and SQL Server Database, then you can easily understand it.  Windows Store Apps run your personal computer, but you have must be installed Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. If you have installed another Windows you don’t run Windows Apps.

However, if you make a desktop applications with the help of C sharp programming, you can easily make Window Store Apps, but you get some ideas about Windows Store Apps. Then you can easily make Windows Store Apps with the help of C sharp programming and SQL Server Database.


What Should Require to Make Windows Store Application?

First of All, you have good knowledge C sharp programming and SQL Server Database. Then you have Installed Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, 64 bits don’t Install 32 bits. After that you will install Windows Apps Components, Install Options available in Visual Studio. Finally Enable Developer Mode to Sign in with Microsoft Account.

Above all requirements you must be followed otherwise you don’t run a program. Basically, these simple instructions and information about Windows Store Apps. I have made video tutorials How to Make Windows Store Apps in Urdu/Hindi Language. If you want to learn kindly follow on my videos tutorials, I hope video tutorial helpful and beneficial for everyone.

Below I have shared video  course in Urdu/Hindi language, kindly watch and follow my videos. Videos published in the single playlist, you simply play one video another video automatically play. That’s not enough I will upload another video of this course, kindly visit a few days later.

Windows Store Apps Tutorial in Urdu

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