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How to Configuration WordPress Plugin Yoast in Urdu


Yoast WordPress Plugin is very important for you Optimize WordPress site, which is used to optimize your website Post, Pages, etc. Most bloggers are using Yoast and few bloggers using All in One SEO, but Yoast is very powerful SEO plugin, it is working quickly to index your website post, pages etc. Yoast WordPress Plugin provides with us important futures like Page Analysis, Title Optimization, Meta Description Optimization, Sitemaps, Canonical Steps, Meta Keywords, Noindex Pages, Notify Search Engines of Sitemap, Sitemap Changing, Social Plugins, NoFollow links etc, and all in One SEO does not provide with these futures. So, I recommended to you Install Yoast WP Plugin.

However, Previously I have used in All in One SEO WordPress Plugin that’s is working fine, but, I have Installed and configure Yoast WordPress Plugin on my new Website, that’s working very well. So, I have made a video tutorial about this topic, How to Configuration Yoast WordPress Plugin? If you want to optimize your website post, pages etc and indexed quickly in search engines, Install Now Yoast and configure it. After that, your website pages and posts quickly index in Search Engines.

Yoast WordPress Plugin

Furthermore, if you installed Yoast on WP Website, and you write a post after that post below section, Yoast suggest /guide with you to optimize your article and you will follow them after that your post or keyword easily rank up in Search Engines, but, If you have installed in All in One SEO, and you write an article, All in One SEO, does not provide guidance / suggestion about Optimization your post. That’s very important ways to suggest/guidance by Yoast. That’s is the very biggest difference to Yoast versus All in One SEO. I hope you have understood as well about Yoast and All in One SEO.

But, you will configure Yoast setting carefully like Title, Meta Description, Sitemap, Indexes or NonIndexes, Permalink etc. If you have complete knowledge about this option, you have easily understood it, but you do not any knowledge about it, don’t worry I have made a video tutorial about this topic follow on my video tutorial lectures.  

How to Configure Yoast WordPress Plugin?

First of All, you will Install and Active Yoast Plugin, after active plugin, goes to Yoast General Option, Your Info Tab fills in the require data like your Website Name, Alternative Name, and below Select Company or Person Option. After Complete Info Tab go to Second Tab Google Webmaster Tools, if you already verified your website on Google Webmaster Tools, Alexa, Bing Webmaster Tools, you skip this tab and go to go to Security Tab, after enter Security Tab option you set your security option I recommended do not enable Security Option.

Above All about First Option by Yoast, Now Second is Main Option Title and Meta, you should include Title Tag 140-50 character and Meta Description 145-50 characters and attractive word for the niche on you website.

After complete Title and Meta Description go to Post Type Tab simple change your post-default setting as you wish. Now another is Taxonomies Click Noindex and Hide All Options, these are categories and tags options.  After Complete it, Now go to Archive Tab change  Noindex Meta Robots Option,  do not change another option. Last Option in this Portion Other Click Noindex and Disable, Disable and Save Change Now.

After Complete above Options, go to Social Media Option and Insert All your Social Networks Pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ YouTube, etc. Now go to XML Sitemaps  that’s is very important options. Click XML Sitemaps and First Option is General below Default Maximum Sitemap entries, I recommended do not change it, default is entries is best. After that go to User Sitemap and Click Disable Option. After that go to Post Type Default setting is best this option does not change it.

Advance Option is very important to set your post, pages permalink. First Option is Breadcrumbs if you have wanted your page, post URL automatically optimize enable  Breadcrumbs option otherwise do not enable it.

Permalink Option is set your post, I recommended you change only one option like Redirect attachment URL’s to Parent Post URLs enable this option, and do not change another option, another options default setting is fine.

Tools Option provides different tools like Bulk Editor, File Editor, Import and Export, Recalculate SEO Score this option you can use one by one  and check it. Now these complete procedure and I discussed one my video tutorial if you face any problem to understand it, follow my video tutorial, after watch my video tutorial I hope you easily understood it.

Yoast WordPress Plugin Video Tutorial in Urdu

After Watch my video tutorial Yoast WordPress Plugin,  I hope you like it and this course helpful for you. Kindly share with personal friends on social media networks, subscribe your email address, follow on my website YouTube Channel. However, if you have any question / suggestion about this topic to comment me or Email me after received your email or comment, I will reply with your answer about 24 hours. Thanks for reading and watch my complete video course, keep touching my website.

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