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YouTube Channel SEO Tutorial in Urdu


YouTube is Second Search Engine, everyone use it for a different purpose. In this article / post, I have shared How You Can Do YouTube Channel SEO? There are four 04 simple steps to complete Your Channels SEO, Yes, I have used them after that I have shared with you. Basically Starting my Channels viewers decreased, but I have used Four 04 Steps after that my Channel viewers and subscriber increasing day by day. If you want to Increase Viewers and Subscribe on Your YouTube Channel. follow my instructions and get more viewers and subscribers as well.

I have used 04 steps to optimizing my Videos after complete these 04 steps my videos viewers results is improving day by day and increasing my Channel subscribers. However, I have shared 04 steps for my users. first of all, you make a unique video and upload YouTube after completed Uploading your video Insert Attractive Title, Description and Tags Means(Keyword), basically, these tags (keyword) search in youTube so, you must be included accurate tags(keywords), and make a Quality Unique Image and attach with Video Future Image. That’s Simple steps my guarantee your videos viewers and subscribers increasing day by day as well.  



How Doe’s Work It.

  • Upload Unique Video
  • Insert Must be Unique Title
  • Insert Must be Unique Description
  • Insert Must be Unique Tag Means Keyword
  • Insert Must be Unique Thumbnail Image.
  • Share with Social Networks

Above All steps, is must be inserted in your videos after that published video. However, After complete these steps, I am sure your channel viewers and subscriber increasing as well. Basically, these steps are very important to increase viewers and subscribers. Furthermore, you can complete these steps and wait few days after checking your YT views and subscribe increased. However, I hope you understood as well about this topic, another I have made a video tutorial about this topic, below I have shared for you got more ideas about these technics. 

YouTube Channel SEO Tutorial in Urdu

After watching my video tutorial I hope you can learn It something new, it is complete training free of cost, I hope this video tutorial  most beneficially for you. my premium courses available in DVDs if you want to learn complete courses to Buy a DvD on my DVD shop. If you like my video tutorial to share with personal friends of social network and like my website FaceBook, Google+ and Twitter pages. If you have any question / any suggestion to comment on below section I will reply with your answer about 24 hours.

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