My Name is Asif Ali and I was born on 05 February 1990 at Johi Town District Dadu, Province Sindh. I did my gradation from Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Nawabshah, I had been very good sport  person namely Cricket, Snooker & Badminton along with this I had been good at Mathematics in my High School Time.

Beside this, there are many other work have been performed by me among them the most favouite one was Computer. Initially, in 2004 I had very keen interest regarding computer and did simple short course of computer, in my short course I learned about MS Office. I really worked very hard and tried to be brilliant in computer systems. Besides this, I had done many Investment in Different Companies of the World and could not get  much profit as I thought to have rather than I had much loss in investment in different companies after date I quit them.

After that I turned towards Ad Posting, Data Entry in different companies, the work was really hard to be done in spite of that I worked with Heart & Soul in performing this. Though, I felt very boring in continuing this and decided to quit it. Furthermore, I asked one of my friend to help me in making websites but he refused to do so and asked me to keep on  doing work in Ad Posting, Data Entry then after I worked it Two Months but again left it.

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